LPP Fusion Releases End of Year Report


LPP Fusion fires first shots on upgraded device.
LPP Fusion fires first shots on upgraded device.

LPP Fusion (LPPF) released it’s end of year report. For 2018 LPP Fusion completed a series of tests using Tungsten electrodes with their FF-1 Focus Fusion machine. The tests were labeled as very successful. The team continued their research using FF-1 through mid-year. Eric Lerner, President and Chief Scientist, indicated that LPP Fusion is focused on reducing heavy-metal impurities in the next round of testing starting in early 2019.

LPP Fusion also achieved some financial funding milestones. In 2018 The company raised over $950,000 in capital via WeFunder and a $300,000 gift from the Focus Fusion Society.

The team is inching closer towards being the first to ever produce positive net energy using fusion. Lerner intimated that they are hoping to produce some very exciting results in the first quarter of 2019 after some recent modifications to FF-1. Read the complete report.

note: This website its editor and/or related parties have positions in LPP Fusion.

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