“Super H-Mode” Experiments Completed at DIII-D


DIII-D - image from General Atomics

Researchers as DIII-D have just complete a round of experiments that test the Super H-mode concept. Super H-Mode is the concept of raising the pressure of the edge of the plasma of a Tokamak (donut shaped) fusion device. The pressure increase would be equivalent to the top and bottom parts of a capital H. The results were published in the IAEA’s journal of nuclear fusion research. Researchers expect Super H-mode to increase fusion yield by 400%. That is a significant improvement, imagine if you hopped in your car and suddenly you get 120 mpg instead of 20. Super H-mode is planned to be part of ITER‘s experiments when it comes online in the mid 2020s. This fusion device is based at General Atomics in San Diego.

This is a great article describing Super H-Mode: https://phys.org/news/2015-11-super-h-mode-regime-greatly-fusion.html

This article as has some additional news about Super H-mode and general fusion energy discussions. https://www.newswise.com/articles/recent-breakthrough-on-diii-d-enables-major-step-toward-economical-fusion-energy

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