PPPL Sprinkles Powder in Tokamak to Keep Plasma Hot


PPPL Robert Lunsford

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) scientists have been working to sprinkle boron powder using an injector as part of a tokamak design to promote heat retention and protect the walls of the reactor. Physicist Robert Lunsford said the main goal of the recent experiment was to see if they could use a powder injector to coat the walls of the tokamak as part of a boronization process. The possible major upside shown was that boron could be added to the plasma while the machine is running in a steady state. This is something that was not thought possible but will be required in a commercial reactor to protect the walls of the tokamak.


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“Active conditioning of ASDEX Upgrade tungsten plasma-facing components and discharge enhancement through boron and boron nitride particulate injection” – Article

Great article with images: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/12/article/powder-could-solve-explosive-gas-mix-in-fusion/

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