New Australian Company has Solved the Fusion Hurdle? Wait, What?


HB11 Company Logo
HB11 Company Logo

HB11 a company spun out of the University of South Wales claimed last week it had cracked the problem of getting to net energy quickly using lasers and hydrogen-boron. In the press release the Chief Scientist Heinrich Hora, who is reputable in the industry, indicated they had found a work around to getting to net energy. The big breakthrough involved two lasers, one to contain and the second to push the plasma to generate fusion. (This concept was presented as being possible by another group of scientists within the last month and I will try and find it and post a link here.) Add into that the use of a chirped pulse amplification laser which provides enhanced amplification of the lasers power. (Check out Eric Lerner’s link below for a great graphic).

Here is a copy the original press release

And a full article:

But wait!!! Here is the problem. The press release claiming the biggest breakthrough to fusion was quickly pulled down from the USW web site. “McKenzie [HB11 Director] admitted himself he doesn’t know if or when the startup’s idea could be turned into a commercial reality.”

Wait what?:

Some fusion technologists indicated that this technique known as “beam-target” cannot work because the energy would be sucked out of the system faster than it can be generated thus lowering the total amount of fusion.

Here’s my take and I’m not a fusion scientist. Professor Hora has been in the industry for a long period of time. He is well respected by his peers according to most items of reference on the internet. It would be heavily possible that the new lasers they plan to use could be a potential turning point. But at the same time there appears to be a disconnect with the claims and the reality of those claims to be true today. I think the headlines do a disservice to the potential but that the potential seems to be an idea needing to be translated into testable results.

So let’s wait and see what happens.

Additional press release:

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Here is support for HB11 and some thoughts on their progress from Eric Lerner, Chief Scientist for LPP Fusion which also has a Dense Plasma Focus Reactor. Click Here.