Dense Plasma Focus

Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) devices are based on the z-pinch (zeta pinch) concept where plasma is confined using an electrical current to generate a magnetic field that compresses the plasma into a pinch point. One of the major differences between DPF and the other methods is that DPF devices can convert the fusion energy directly to energy. The best way to imagine this is that DPF is like a spark plug where the spark is form the fusion. LPP Fusion has a great page that describes the DPF and has a video to show how it works.

DPFs were developed in the 1950s in the USSR and research has continued across the globe since then. There are also a variety of projects using DPF currently operating throughout the world for non-energy applications.

One of the most successful DPFs is also operated by perhaps the least known fusion company, LPP Fusion. In 2017 Cheif Scientist Eric Lerner reported that “In the critical measure of how much energy out we get per unit energy in, we’re No. 2 among all the experiments in the world,” .You can find our more about them here on Fusion Technica.

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Country: United States of America

Funding: Raising funds from private investors. Raised over $900,000 on in 2018.