General Fusion

General Fusion, based in Canada is, or was as of 2017, developing a combination magnetized target fusion and inertial confinement fusion reactor. It could also be called a magneto-inertial fusion reactor. The reactor under development confines the the fusion fuel using magnets as it is heated into a plasma. At the same time the fuel is also being compressed by multiple pistons to increase density and temperature to achieve fusion. Back to the “as of 2017”, in 2018 General Fusion produced new designs based on a spherical tokamak to produce the plasma source where as past designs used a compact toroid.

General Fusion is a well funded company. By 2016 they had raised over $160 million CAD. Notable investors include Bezos Expeditions, Cenovus Energy, Chrysalix venture capital and several Canadian Government funds.

General Fusion technology overview:

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