LPP Fusion

Method: Dense Focus Plasma

“LPPF’s research is centered on the development of a new environmentally safe, clean, cheap and unlimited energy source based on aneutronic fuels and the dense plasma focus device, a combination we call Focus Fusion.” LPP Fusion’s reactor will produce electricity and other energy directly from the fusion reactions.

As of 2018 LPP Fusion is second only to JET in the race to reach positive net energy from fusion reactions. Considering they have raised the least amount of funding and have produced the second best results LPP may get there first. The founder Eric Lerner once said to the effect “I’d rather have great results than be funded by a billionaire.”

Web Site: https://www.lppfusion.com

Even Better – Quick Updates available on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LPPFusion

Funding: Raising funds from private investors. Raised over $900,000 on WeFunder.com in 2018. LPP continues to raise funds from individual private investors.

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Country: United States of America